I used to be real wonky around food. I'm not so much anymore. I just like running and playing in the ocean and never, ever taking myself seriously.

After all the binging, purging, restricting, cutting, diet pills and laxatives I have put my body through over the years I guess I should be grateful that it has kept me here. Maybe that is a sign that I should be here and maybe now is the time to appreciate my body and stop trying to destroy it. My body loves me, now it’s time to love my body. By (via stampoutbulimia)

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You might not necessarily want to burn the bridges, maybe you do I don’t know, but you might just want to put them in enough disrepair for you to not be able to cross for a while. But burning that bridge isn’t totally necessary, putting it in disrepair for a while leaves the option of repairing it again later on if need be. By Jadorelecafe on ending toxic relationships (via jadorelecafe)